It’s hard to go wrong when you’ve managed to catch the domain name and hold it – and for good reason. There is a growing popularity among live web cam chats, and it seems like every year another handful of sites join the legion, but it takes a company devoted to quality entertainment and an innovative use of growing technology to keep up with the times. does that, and then some. The site itself actually has several hosting affiliates (they even offer commission to people who help refer others) and it’s clear they’ve been doing this for a long time – and that they’ve spent time making their site as visually pleasing and functional as possible.

One Of The Premiere Sites For Live Cams

There are a wide range of models on their site, and hundreds of cams active at any given time. Again, given the restraints of different time zones, some categories tend to be busier at different times of day – if you’re really into Japanese chicks, and looking for some demure innocent Asian goddess to flash her shaved nubile pussy, you might find yourself mentally calculating the time difference to make sure they’re online. Still, they have a wide selection, categorized according to sexual preference – for example, straight, lesbian, gay, and even trans and some porn star and celebrity models.

They lack the same sort of specific search parameters that some other sites contain, which would allow you to narrow down your desires to things like bra size, age, fetish/tattoo, etc., but that said they’ve almost streamlined the process by making their categories broad. All the major classifications like Big Butts, Red Heads, 18+, and BBW are covered, and there is of course some overlap (you’ll start to notice the same model popping up again and again as a thumb picture, which is usually a good indication that she’s the one for you!).

They do support some mobile devices like smartphones, Blackberries, and even some versions of Android, but given the high-quality HD cameras of some of their models it is recommended one rely on their Windows device with an up-to-date installment of Flash Player.

Watching For Hours On

The free-chat is really an exceptional element, and gives you the opportunity to not only see the model, gauge her attractiveness, how good the cam connection is, and what sort of a personality she has (ie. what she’s into, and how dirty she’s willing to get on cam for you), but it’s also a good precursor to a warm-up in a private session – there are two things to note about this.

First, seems to have filtered their models down to a selection of some of the most attractive and slim young women on the net. This is in sharp contrast to some other sites which will let just about anyone on cam, regardless of appearance (which can be good in its own way sometimes). Secondly, just about every girl is willing to flip her top, stroke her breasts, or give you a full on private nude masturbation session at the drop of a ‘tip’ or credit.

Like other cam sites, handles their registration and payment seriously – they do, however, require a small subscription fee during their registration, and a credit card for verification. However, they are extremely discreet so no ‘unusual’ transactions will appear on your credit card statement since they use a highly secured third party website. There is no current anonymous transaction process such as Bitcoin. If you’re willing to pay out a small fee for the registration, it’s worth getting a membership though because the actual payment for each session is per the model’s pre-selected fee (depending on model, popularity, reviews, and quality cam the prices can be wildly different) so it is at least a convenient way to track how much money/credits you’re spending. Additionally, all new guests that sign up immediately get 25 free credits that they can spend either as tips (in the free-chat) or for an exclusive private session. They also don’t have a very reliable refund policy, but then again very few cam sites do as it is hard to regulate – thus, most issues are handled on a case by case basis and are generally exceptional. If a case is successful, the refund is usually in the form of credit on their website.

If isn’t your thing, or you’re taking a break for a little while (granted, some of the girls will wear you out, but considering their cumming for you on camera and pleading for you to make them orgasm wildly, it’s a good kind of ‘being worn out’), then cancelling and deleting your profile is also a streamlined and basic process – although, be aware again that terminating your subscription won’t effect a refund either).

When You Want More Than Flirting, Delivers

In general, may fail in terms of having diversity of live cams – for example, even on their major categories like Redheads and BBW, sometimes there might only be a few models available for Live Chat – but they more than make up in terms of the individual quality of each model. Almost all without exception knew how to flirt in a way that would give you a boner and lead to a private session, and almost all were exceptionally beautiful.

The overall support system also seems to be high caliber, and their FAQ and help section offers solutions to almost every conceivable problem – at the same time, having a 24/7 friendly online support line is also a breath of fresh air, and they are familiar with all the potential problems such as technical bugs or transaction errors. As a website, it has a very ‘finished’ feel to it, like the webmasters have put the time in to make it aesthetically pleasing, not just a framework website where you can click on random low-res cams. In terms of quality, there is definitely a sense of integrity at, and something that other cam sites would do well to emulate.

30 Total Ratings with 3.11/5 possible Rating Points.