There’s something absolutely unique about a live cam experience – the ability to connect with strangers across the globe, and engage in something intimate, something anonymous, and something safe and ultimately satisfying. There are numerous live cam sites out there, but in general most of them cater to the straight male demographic, although there is a growing popularity among a more visible trans and gay population. That said, most other major and established live-cam sites only have these as tacked on options, so it can be hard to find a very broad or diverse selection.

The Best Place To View Boy Live Cams On The Net

Enter, one of the first – and definitely the premiere – site exclusively for boys and gay live cams. There are hundreds of different cams available at any given time and an incredibly wide variety of models, almost 3000 in total. Some of the biggest complaints about other cam sites have been the straightforward approach to categories, often having a limited number of different preferences. skips this hurdle by not only offering a huge variety of specific categories such as Asian, Latino, and Black, but also incorporating certain ‘willingness’ factors. For example, if you’re into some Anal action then there’s a whole section – more into Fetish or Cum and Orgasm? They’ve got you covered. These ripped hunks are just aching to spill a load on cam for you, and you can watch them stroke themselves to a juicy groaning climax.

The other downside to some other hetero-majority cam sites is that when they do have a gay section, it is usually sub-par models. Not to say that they aren’t just as willing to get naked and flash their rigid cocks, but often you can feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth. Again, lives up to its standard – almost all of the models show-cased are fit and look like they’ve been carved from alabaster. Of course, they take the preferences just as far so you can find anything from older gents to slim boys to even chubby guys. There is even the option of a number of porn stars, both famous and up-and-coming, and there’s nothing better than getting off with a recognizable face (and cock). Meets Every Criteria

As with other live cam sites, they’re also up with the times, so there is ample support for mobile apps – simply type in “” and the smartphone compatible site can stream live videos and cams. What is really nice is the fact that they have a pretty up-to-date and accessible free-live chat. This means that you can hover over or click on a model that looks interesting and get a free live feed of their cam; it is a very useful application for not only viewing their whole profile (what they’re like, what they’re into, etc.) but also getting to know them a little bit before you start a private show – and as with other cam sites, you have to wait until a private show to see the goods!

The registration for is relatively easy and straightforward too (and new members get 9.99 free credits to spend on shows, which is an added incentive). New users also have the option of buying packages which will grant them certain bonuses and free credits. While there is a small registration fee, there are currently no recurring charges so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck into a membership – that said, has a very flexible transaction method which emulates a lot of the other most popular cam sites on the net. Rather than a set weekly, monthly, or yearly fee, each session with a model in private show is based on a per-second basis, so that if you’re a Premium Member you are never paying for more than you actually want or see.

Cancelling your membership is as simple as clicking delete on your profile, no harm no foul. Though if you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re going to want to stick around a little while.

Impossible To Beat For Value And Stimulation<h/3>

Unfortunately there is no resolute refund or money-back policy, but the pay-per-second basis is an honest attempt to try and fill this dearth. If there is an issue with payments or transactions, refunds are handled on a case-by-case system if the circumstances are exceptional, and usually the refund will be in the form of more credits that can be used on your profile. The support also appears to be top quality, with both an online capacity so you can talk directly with staff on any issues that crop up, or via a 1 800 number – just out of curiosity, we used their service, and were surprised at how receptive they were, and who quick. However, most problems can be answered quite easily by their FAQ section which covers the most common questions.

As always, also takes secrecy and privacy very seriously, and all payments via credit card or online payment systems (Ukash, etc.) are handled by a third party so there is never a conflict of interest, and additionally all information is never stored – plus you can put your mind at ease knowing that no suspicious or incriminating sounding payments will show up on your bill. Because of their massive global support, they also offer a variety of languages from Polish and Dutch to Japanese and Swedish.

In general, it’s hard to fault for anything but small suggestions – because they are a site dedicated entirely to a gay niche, they’ve managed to include not only a wide selection, a diversity of content, and a very accessible and reliable service (both technology wise, and in terms of payment and discreetness). The overall quality of models, as mentioned, is above par and it seems as if has specifically selected their models so you know you’re not only getting handsome devils, but also some voyeurs who know how to talk dirty and what gives you a rise. There were occasionally some camera feeds that had some graininess and lag issues, but on the whole their server is small enough that you’ll never experience major issues.

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