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Men have always been fascinated by the Eve metaphor – the original woman, from whence all life sprang, and there’s something tempting and a little forbidden about the mythology. At the same time it’s something that we’re always chasing, that perfect mate, the ideal partner and lover. In the technology age, this quest has remained with us, and manifested itself in a number of different ways – most respectively, in live-cam websites like Evelive.com.

The website is a lower tier in terms of where it appears on Google searches, but it’s got a charm all of its own, and has a distinctly more intimate feel to it, something that tends to be somewhat ‘off-grid’ in terms of popularity – but there’s something appealing about this as well, since the majority of models are willing to do just about anything on camera. Compared to other came sites, Evelive.com has fewer cameras (despite having sections for both guys, girls, trans, and even couples) to choose from, but have nevertheless put in every effort to make browsing them as easy and accessible as possible, with a number of field searches: everything from country of origin to type of sex, hair color, and breast size. It is almost exclusively amateurs on the site, which is again a balanced scale: on one hand there are no professional porn stars or celebrities, but that lack of ‘glamour’ is made up for by the willingness of some of the amateur models to excel, and they can be downright raunchy if the mood is right.

The majority of cams are pretty good, with only a few having lag issues – comparable to other sites, there’s going to be less traffic, so that generally means a faster connection. With a mobile capability, both for smartphones, iPads, and Androids, the access to different chatrooms is virtually unrestricted. There are plenty of horny babes that have HD cameras as well though, and unlike other cam sites there’s often a lot more flirtation and nudity on the free-cam rooms and previews. Evelive.com has a selection of different viewing options which also streamlines the ability to browse through ladies, and you’ll find more than a couple already naked and stroking themselves live for you – generally however the models are not quite up to the same standard of attractiveness. There are some gorgeous beauties lying in the wings, and worth every cent to hear and see them cum and groan themselves to a wet climax; but there are plenty of other women on it that fall below par. They make up for this however in their flirtatiousness, even in free-chats, and you’ll get an eye-full without even having to pay.

That said, and while Evelive.com does allow you to hover your arrow over their boxes to get a glimpse of the live feed, there is generally a 10 second time limit on watching for free which is a little disappointing. It would be nice to have a little more free chat time to ensure that they are the model you want to spend more time with. In that case there’s a private chat option, in which cam-to-cam capabilities are supported so you can get extremely intimate with the models, all of which are practically brimming to get off and thirsty for a mouth full of jizz.

So Many Girls, So Little Time To Choose

What Evelive.com lacks in diversity and quantity it makes up for in returns, though. The registration fee for signing up and for membership is free, though a credit card verification is necessary to ensure each member is over 18 years of age. Afterwards, credit can be added to your profile (even by text, which is quite convenient) and used accordingly. Of course, they also offer discreet payments and use third party transactions to ensure that words like ‘porn’ do not show up on your statements, which is pretty much a standard practice.

At the moment, some of the payment options may be a bit limited, and this will be due to country of origin, although according to their website this is something they plan to remedy in the future. Additionally, it is quite easy to cancel your subscription/membership by simply going to your prolife and clicking delete – many other cam sites have a somewhat lengthy process in order to cancel, so having the simple option to just end your account will give some members or prospective members peace of mind. In order to try to appeal to newcomers however, Evelive.com does offer some attractive bonuses, including 25 free credits for $2.99.

As with all live cam sites, one of the hallmarks of diversity is their scope of reach – in this, at least, Evelive.com excels, by having a number of different language options, and by incorporating models from all over the world. If you’re in the mood for a smoking hot Spanish chica with bulging breasts and a voluptuous body aching to part her thighs for you one day, and a robust Asian Lolita with a cute streak the next then Evelive.com delivers in spades. Languages include Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and of course English.

Overall, Evelive.com is a sturdy and reliable site – their support staff are top quality, able to handle any problems technical or otherwise 24/7, and are friendly and discreet. It might not end up being the most popular or the most visited, but as mentioned it does have some special qualities that makes it almost ‘quaint’ and has very much a small home-town feel (if your home-town is full of horny ladies of every shape and size trying to satisfy themselves online for once). Taking everything into account, it would get four of five stars, and what it’s lacking is at the same time what it seems to be taking seriously into account for future upgrades. It is also comparably cheaper than some of the other major live cam sites, which may in fact draw a more loyal community of members.

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